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Does an Electric Fireplace Really Heat a Room?

Does an Electric Fireplace Really Heat a Room?

Posted by FireplacesFast on 13th Nov 2020

As winter approaches, you may be imagining cozy evenings and warm drinks. You also may be imagining the steep gas or electric bills that often come with winter. If you haven’t considered them before, this could be the year to invest in an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to your heating needs for the upcoming winter season. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of installing an electric fireplace.

Easy Installation

One of the big benefits of buying electric fireplaces is that they are very easy to install. Whether you choose a free-standing or inset, electric fireplaces do not require you to install any ventilation. If you choose to install a free-standing unit, you will have the ability to move should you want to redesign your space. The electric fireplace offers the heat and comfort of a wood or gas fireplace, but without the hassle of the installation.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

One way to keep your costs down in the winter is to lower your energy use. This can be difficult if you or your housemates really hate to be cold. Fortunately, an electric heater can keep you warm and cozy without driving up the meter. Traditional gas and wood-burning fireplaces lose a significant amount of heat through their ventilation systems. For electric fireplaces, on the other hand, this isn’t an issue. The heat from the electric fireplace fills the space quicker, and it won’t escape through any ventilation. In addition, these fireplaces require less material to run. You won’t have to worry about having wood on hand or having gas lines installed, so that means you can just plug it in and enjoy.

Electric Fireplace Styles

Just like cabinets, you want to be sure to explore different styles of electric fireplaces to ensure it fits your style and functional needs. Two excellent choices when it comes to style are free-standing and inset. Below we will talk about the benefits and possible drawbacks of each:


An inset electric fireplace can be a great choice if you are remodeling a room and want it heated and cozy. An inset electric fireplace can be installed with cabinets to give the appearance of a fireplace and mantle. This will not only add an efficient source of heat, but you will also have convenient storage. The inset is a great choice for creating a cozy space without having to worry about installing ventilation or gas lines.


If you are looking to add a heating option to a room but don’t want to do any remodeling, then a free-standing electric fireplace. These offer the efficiency and heating power of the inset models, but you have the ability to move them as you wish. The free-standing electric fireplace also has the added advantage of being able to be moved into storage when the cold seasons pass. This will help you maximize your space and keep you warm all winter long.


If you are looking for a cost-friendly and energy-efficient way to stay warm this winter, then the electric fireplace is a great choice for you. Whether you are looking to install an inset or want to add one to your existing space, an electric fireplace can help you create a warm and cozy aesthetic without the hassle of creating ventilation or worrying about gas lines. These appliances have only gotten more energy-efficient and effective as time has gone on, so they will be sure to keep you warm as long as you need it.